Carrie Nicole has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life with her

Soulful R&B, Blues, and Jazz vocals. Plus a 

positive message!

Carrie Nicole has earned the admiration and affection of fans young and young at heart. She serves as both inspiration and role model

to help people reach their full potential!

Carrie doesn’t just sing, she projects from an emotion that drives a song in subtle harmonies toward a thrilling zenith of intensity and an apex of emotion. The listener rises with her, empathic to her high dynamic style, as though on a musical journey that the audience shares in following her voice. Carrie delivers an exciting experience for the audience that unites and bonds them in a collective spirit. The message, dynamic in pitch, and the virtue of her voice, leaves the audience in a state of amazing grace!


Carrie Nicole Robinson was born into a family of music and dramatic expression.There was always music in the home. Her mother was a singer of folk songs with a clear and beautiful voice singing the songs of Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens and listened to a lot of Bonnie Raitt and Carol King. Carrie’s father ("Ricardo") is one in a family of eight musician that held frequent family jam sessions. Ricardo is a R&B guitarist, he always put on the music of George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Jackson Brown, and Marvin Gaye. In grade school, Carrie was always the lead in school plays due to her charismatic personality and her ability to hear pitch and sing a song in a clear and beautiful voice. As Carrie matured, so did her dynamic in voice and piano.


In her early 20’s, she attended Musician’s Institute where she developed her voice and studied the theory and techniques that served to refine her talent. Carrie is gifted and unique in a spectacular expression of the human voice. Carrie writes songs and covers other artists with perfect timing and timbre; and above all, an innate knowledge of musical dynamic.

                                                    -Written by Richard Robinson ( Carrie's Father)

Education and Achievements:

           Associates Degree in Liberal Arts: Cabrillo College, CA 2004

            Certificate from VIT program: Musicians Institute, Hollywood CA. 2006

                                                                        *with partial scholarship

            Won "Santa Cruz Idol"singing competition: E3 Playhouse, CA 2007

            Associates Degree in Human Services: Cabrillo College Ca. 2017

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