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      Carrie Nicole Robinson is a Soul, Blues, Jazz, R&B singer & songwriter from Santa Cruz California. Carrie grew up in a musical family, surrounded by live music, and the powerful influence of many talented family members playing all manner of instruments, and styles. Starting piano at a young age, she added singing and guitar to her music attributes. Her passion for singing really kicked off in middle school, finding her passion for performing lead roles in theater, singing in choirs, and playing in local bands like Serendipity Project( Hip Hop/rock),Congregation( reggae) and Robinson Family Band( Blues,Soul/Funk). Carrie furthered her studies with the Vocal program at  Musicians Institute of Hollywood, CA (2005) and has had many private lessons along her singing journey.

     During times of confusion and sorrow, at the age of sixteen, she wrote her first song, with the first four chords she learned on guitar. “Lonely Cries”began her songwriting craft. She found inspiration and comfort, from favorite musical artists like Alicia Keys, India Arie, Bonnie Rait, Joni Mitchel, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Mary j Blige, Aretha Franklin, Billy Holiday, and many others. Singing and writing songs, has always been Carrie’s ‘happy space’ and has gotten her through some really tough times in life. “You see, like many other people these days, I have suffered from PTSD, low self esteem, and substance use disorders.” Says Carrie herself “ but I have found ways to move through my issues, ways to heal from past traumas, and found faith to not give up on my dreams.” 

     Carrie’s optimistic outlook, her warm and loving heart,  her ability to surrender and forgive through it all, and most important: connecting with Nature and animals, allowed for her to creatively express her story and follow her dreams.

      Now at the age of 37, she is ready to share her healing journey with her first RnB/Soul single: “Making Room”(available on major music platforms 4/30/2021.)

     “Making Room” is about “creating space to delve deeper into the healing transformational journey of letting go of old patterns, people, places, and things that no longer are healthy or balanced or necessary. It is about making room for an abundance of love, light and good things to come into my life.” Says Carrie.

      “ Making Room” was co-written and produced with her uncle: James Robinson (Innervision Records) who is phenomenal guitar player and musician.

     Carrie’s vocals will also be featured on an upcoming blues cover song from her uncle James Robinsons’ Electric Project (6/4/21; Innervision Records) “Life by the Drop” (Stevie Ray Vaughan version), tells the story of alcoholism and the power of living life by the drop,  which Carrie, and many others in the Robinsons family can relate to. 

    Carrie is busy writing and recording more songs to complete her "Making Room" full album, which should be launching beginning of 2022.

      “I hope you will join me on my musical journey. I have so much to share and am just getting started releasing songs! Thank you for all your interest and support.”( Carrie Nicole Robinson).



                 Education and Achievements:

           Associates Degree in Liberal Arts: Cabrillo           College, CA 2004

            Certificate from VIT program: Musicians Institute, Hollywood CA. 2006

                                           *with partial scholarship

            Won "Santa Cruz Idol"singing competition: E3 Playhouse, CA 2007

            Associates Degree in Human Services: Cabrillo College Ca. 2017

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